Jungle Juice


Jungle Juice

from 40.00

Every stencil is handcrafted in Melbourne.

My stencil artworks are meticulously hand cut and only last a limited number of uses. I paint a master onto an MDF wooden panel and then up to 5 versions on paper before the stencils are discarded. Because of this system of painting only a small number of copies is produced.

Wood version is painted on 5mm MDF board, 60cm x 84cm.

Paper versions are painted on 200gsm stock, also 60cm x 84cm.

A3+ Giclee is printed on Canson Photosatin Premium 270gsm paper, 33cm x 48cm.



$40 A3+ Open Edition Digital Print.

$280 Limited Edition of 5, Painted on Paper.

$1200 Limited Edition of 1, Painted on MDF Wood.


I hope you enjoy your artwork and that it finds a wonderful life in your home or office!

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